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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Cyberpunk 2077: The free giant update 2.0 turns everything upside down – and comes surprisingly early

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During the Night City Wire livestream, the developers not only revealed a new trailer for Phantom Libery, but also the release for Update 2.0.

For a long time it was not known when the comprehensive Update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 would be released. It was only clear that it would have to go live on 26 September at the latest – that is when the highly anticipated addon Phantom Liberty will be released. As the developers have now revealed in the Night City Wire livestream, 2.0 will be released five days before that.
To be more precise, it will be released on 21 September  Enough time, then, to let off some steam in the main game, complete the game’s prologue, familiarise yourself with the new mechanics and then, five days later, get started with Phantom Liberty.

What else was shown in the livestream? 

Actor Idris Elba (known as Heimdall in the Thor films, among others) was a guest and talked about his role as Solomon Reed. There is now also a really cool cinematic trailer, which reveals the back story of the spy You can watch it right here:

The new features in Phantom Liberty as well as in Update 2.0 were also explained in more detail. The focus was on car chases and fights from the car, the Relic skill tree and the new radio stations – one of which contains a number of tracks created by the community. Other songs are by Idris Elba himself.

If you’re already thinking about how you want to distribute your skills, check out the (official new character planner) which CD Projekt Red has now released.


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