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CoD Modern Warfare 3 takes an unusual approach to maps – and promises big things

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Now there is first multiplayer gameplay and info on the maps in MW3. We summarize

In a new (blogposts) now the first info about the multiplayer mode of CoD Modern Warfare 3 comes to light. A developer summarizes:

“We asked ourselves what felt good about the movement, gunplay and flow of the maps from back in the day. Then we ask the same question about the newer parts. And then we try to combine the two,” explains Matt Abbott of Sledgehammer Games.

What was said? Here are the key facts at a glance:

Near to the original…

The aim is to recreate as faithfully as possible the 16 maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 from 2009, all of which MW3 is reissuing at launch. They want to bring back the feeling from back then, they continue.

“There are a few places where we’ve adapted the map metrics to modern gameplay,” admits design director Zach Hodson. “But for the very most part, they play incredibly similarly. The biggest changes, of course, are in the graphical quality. “

.but with changes

MW3 makes no secret of the fact that they are going full nostalgia. Classics like Favela, Highrise or Estate are considered absolute legends in the map pool of the CoD series and now return for the first time in a modern engine

Each individual location is completely rebuilt by hand based on the template from 2009 . In some cases, new walkable areas have been added (including waterways for swimming) and visibility has been improved with new lighting conditions.

Huge Map Pool

  • The sheer number of maps in MW3 will probably quickly set new standards for the series.
  • There are 20 maps included at launch, including the 16 remakes from the old Modern Warfare 2.
  • In Season 1 and Season 2, three new maps each will be added, so that a whole 26 maps will be playable as early as February 2024. That’s more than Black Ops Cold War could achieve in its entire runtime!

Nostalgia as a marketing tool: A CoD with almost only remaster maps at release is unusual and unprecedented. That MW3 relies heavily on the retro track and throws decisions of the predecessor in favor of “oldschool” elements again overboard, was already clear since the Reveal in August.

Many CoD veterans are very happy about this. In our preview, we explain why this also carries a big risk.

In addition to pictures of the maps, there were also first (albeit short) scenes from the multiplayer to see:

While we don’t see any firefights here yet, we immediately notice some important changes to the movement: Climbing over obstacles is much faster than in the predecessor and the climbing animation can be triggered several times in a row quickly.

In general, Sledgehammer again wants to provide faster and more direct movement and completely cancel out campers. Slide cancelling will also return. The mechanic had been cancelled in 2022 – which caused frustration among some fans.

A complete multiplayer reveal of MW3 is expected on October 5, when the so-called CoD Next Fest will take place.


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