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Need for Speed Unbound announces big update and fans go to the barricades

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Four months after release the first update Volume 2 for NFS Unbound finally arrives. The fans of the racing game are more than disappointed by it

Need for Speed Unbound will get its first big update called Volume 2 at the end of March, which again delivers a lot of new content and features. Actually a reason for joy for all players of the racing game, one would think. But instead of anticipation, there”s massive criticism from Need for Speed fans.

What”s in the big update?

The (Update), which was supposed to be released in January, delivers many new features that many players would have liked to see at release:

  • Co-op online races, in which you are now also finally chased by the police
  • New daily challenges for additional rewards in the form of experience and money
  • 30 new hot lap activities – these are short races that last no more than 30 seconds
  • New playlists for Rumble races
  • New car: Nissan Fairlady ZG 1971 – but only for EA Play subscribers
  • Key to the map: Paid DLC to show all collectibles and activities on the map

Heavy criticism for NFS Unbound Volume 2

The freshly announced update is rather badly received by the fans. On social media, players who have remained loyal to the game to this day are not holding back with criticism

What is being criticised? Not only did fans have to wait quite a long time for the first major content update, but its innovations are also far too sparse for many fans.

For example, on (Reddit) everyone agrees that features like the added online chases with the cops should have been part of the game already for the release on 29 November 2022.

Also heavily criticised is the fact that there is only one new car and that it is only playable for subscribers of EA Play. Anyone who has bought the game regularly via Steam, for example, will be left out in the cold. Together with the paid DLC, which only reveals hidden objects and activities, the tenor in the community is once again: EA is greedy for money.

In addition, many players now fear that Volume 2 could already be the last big update for the current NFS, as the player numbers on Steam have dropped by around 94 percent since the release. Of the former 14,000 players at the same time, only 1,300 are left. Whether this will change with the new update is questionable.

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