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Big Steam Spring Sale started: All info and the best discounts

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The Steam Spring Sale 2023 celebrates the coming of spring. And while the snow is still lying in Germany, various games are warming up your computer here.

Spring is just around the corner, the birds are chirping, the first blossoms are reaching for the sky – what could be better than staying inside and gaming? Well, probably a lot, but Steam at least gives you a few arguments to keep the blinds closed or at least take the Steam Deck with you on the prowl: The big Steam Spring Sale 2023 starts!

As every year, hundreds of exciting games will be reduced, sometimes drastically – you know the procedure by now. And even if you don”t: Good that you”re here, let”s clear up the details.

What can I expect in the Steam Spring Sale 2023?

The Steam Spring Sale is a so-called big seasonal sale Unlike rather smaller discount promotions (such as Chinese New Year), we are talking about a gigantic sale that includes hundreds of games

Also already confirmed: There will be exclusive avatars, backgrounds, emojis and co. in the point shop again, with which you can spice up your Steam profile.

When does the Steam Spring Sale 2023 start?

The big Spring Sale has started as announced on 16 March 2023 at 7pm German time . As always, there may be server problems at the launch. So if the Steam shop page doesn”t load correctly, just try again a few minutes later. Time is not running out.

How long does the Spring Sale 2023 last?

You don”t have to hurry, because the doors of the Spring Sale will remain open until 23 March. So the whole promotion will run for a relaxed seven days.

I want to see a video, damn it!

No problem at all, because Valve has already released a first trailer illustrating the whole promotion with first offers. Please follow the markers:

Are there already first offers?

In the meantime, the Steam sale has started and we have picked out some exciting offers for you:

  • Modern Warfare 2 (45 instead of 70 Euro): The latest Call of Duty had to take some criticism, but at its core you can still expect a solid shooter with numerous multiplayer modes, unlockable and customisable weapons and more, which has just received a big update .

  • Total War: Warhammer 3 (40 instead of 60 Euro): The fantasy strategy game is definitely worth a look for Warhammer fans and is cheaper than ever before. Plus, the new Chaos Dwarves DLC has just been revealed, and dwarves are always great, after all.

  • Unpacking: (14 instead of 20 Euro): If you”re less in the mood for turbulent battles, you can get this relaxed puzzle and unpacking game pretty cheap right now. You can unpack your belongings in your new home and make yourself really comfortable.

  • Jedi: Fallen Order (4 Euro instead of 40 Euro): Star Wars fans can grab one of the best Jedi games for the price of a piece of cake. The action adventure tells the story of Padawan Cal Kestis, who fights against the all-powerful Empire.

  • God of War (30 instead of 50 Euro): An all-round successful PC port of an excellent action game. In the remake of God of War, Kratos and his son Atreus roam the Nordic world of the gods and take on its inhabitants.

  • Hades: (12 instead of 25 Euro): If you prefer the Olympic gods after all, you can fight your way out of the underworld as the son of the god of death. Hades combines a great combat system with a successful story.

  • Anno 1800 (15 instead of 60 Euro): By now you”ve probably realised that this is one of the best building games of all time. The main game alone can keep you busy for quite a long time, and for a little more money there are countless expansions.

  • Battlefield 2042 (18 instead of 60 Euro): It took far too long, but in the meantime the shooter can be recommended with a clear conscience. Almost all maps have been reworked and with 4 Seasons a respectable amount of new content and a functioning class system came into the game.

These are all the offers we have found for you for now. In the following days, we will of course dig a little deeper, in the meantime you might want to browse a little in the shop yourself.

Have you discovered any good offers? What would you definitely recommend to other readers? Feel free to write it in the comments!


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