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In times of the corona virus, the most unlikely games blossom into new heights. This is also the case in America, where the popular NASCAR races were cancelled due to the pandemic. Instead, the virtual eNASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series was broadcast on television and broke records straight away.

Almost one million viewers
More than 900,000 spectators watched on FOX Sports as the veteran racers met for a virtual replacement for the Miami Speedway Homestead via the game iRacing. The replacement programme, which was arranged at short notice, exceeded even the boldest hopes of the organisers.

Completely surprisingly, the eNASCAR event broke the previous American spectator record for a televised Esports tournament by almost 130,000 spectators. A spectacular success for the game, after all, racing simulations lead a rather niche existence in the current esports scene.

The event was a great success on Fox Sports, not only because of the production with the commentators of the regular NASCAR. The race itself also offered many thrilling moments and only in the last lap Denny Hamlin could drive to victory.

Rest of the season on television
So groundbreaking were the numbers that FOX Sports decided to broadcast the rest of the eNASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series on television. Already next sunday the virtual race track will be back.

The regular NASCAR races are still suspended until May 3rd, but FOX Sports is making sure that the fans at least with eNASCAR don’t have to give up racing completely.

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