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Lightyear Frontier can inspire a huge community

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The debut of Lightyear Frontier on March 19, 2024 has taken the gaming world by storm. Developed by FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Studios, this game reached the impressive mark of 700,000 players just one week after release. This success shows the enormous appeal of the game, which aims to redefine farming in an open world setting.

Lightyear Frontier entered Early Access on Steam and the Xbox Store on March 19. It offers a unique gaming experience by combining the control of a mech with the joys of farming and exploration. With no combat elements, the game focuses on discovering, building and restoring the planet.

Players can work alone or with up to three friends in a cooperative online environment. This multiplayer option is designed to enhance the gaming experience. Players divide up tasks, manage their farm, look after the wildlife and clean the planet. Planting trees and cleaning the planet of pollutants are part of the mission to create a sustainable environment.

FRAME BREAK has already announced further content for the farming title during Early Access. They are currently working on the roadmap, which is why the developers have not yet revealed any specific details. However, a partnership with Miju Games, the developer of Planet Crafter, has been announced. Planet Crafter owners will receive a discount on Lightyear Frontier and vice versa

FRAME BREAK about Lightyear Frontier

Lightyear Frontier’s impressive growth and positive reception in the gaming community clearly shows that FRAME BREAK is successfully breaking the boundaries of traditional game genres. Founded in 2020, the Sweden-based development studio continues on its path of creating innovative games that encourage creative input and allow everyone to influence the game beyond their own disciplines

FRAME BREAK is extremely touched by the response to Lightyear Frontier in its statement . They are thrilled by the community’s drive, creativity and “cozy” home bases. We can look forward to seeing how the game and studio develop over time

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