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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Vassal defeats giant troll with just one arrow and is celebrated for it

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Sometimes it doesn’t take much to kill even big monsters in no time at all

The huge open world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is full of dangerous monsters that sometimes make us want to run away instead of facing them with our weapons drawn.

Thank goodness we have our minions! Because word has got around that the AI-controlled companions have a lot to offer in role-playing games.

An impressive clip from a fan proves once again just how powerful the highly leveled and correspondingly well-equipped companions can be.

No going for a swim!

The Reddit user Forsaken_Pin_4933 proudly shows what he, or rather his experienced archer, has achieved at level 42.

An arrow is all I need! she shouts – and she follows up this full-bodied announcement with action: In the face of a giant troll, a single arrow is enough to seal the monster’s fate. See for yourself:

My pawn did that, MY PAWN DID THAT!
byu/Forsaken_Pin_4933 inDragonsDogma2

But that’s only half the truth: In inns across the land, the bards will soon be singing about the brave archer and the one arrow she is said to have needed. But you know: in such folk tales, a few important details tend to fall by the wayside.

The water is the real hero of the story! Because the shooter’s arrow only slightly scratched the troll’s life bar. But the hit causes the monster to lose its balance, tumble into the water of the lake and that’s it.

In the game world of Dragon’s Dogma, deep waters are inhabited by so-called sheets, small, misty creatures. If they get hold of you – or your enemies – they will drag you down into the depths

The end of the story: Troll dead, player happy. The dry commentary of a fellow editor: Thunderstorm, she wasn’t joking: An arrow was all she needed.

The community reports on her exploits

The Arrow story of Forsaken_Pin_4933 prompts many commentators to describe their own experiences in this direction

A pattern quickly emerges, described by user scrambled_cable as follows Water and gravity are the most dangerous killers in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Other users agree with him:

  • The number of enemies I’ve killed by pushing them off cliffs is high because it will always be fun. (Adventurous-Lion1829)
  • My first dragon I defeated by falling into a small pond from an explosion and being swept away by the sheets. I didn’t get any loot, I was so mad. (hmdrafon)
  • I had a warrior minion drag a minotaur down a waterfall, it was amazing. I had to jet back to Vermund to get it back though. (GamLamLudi)

So if you ever get stuck in a particularly challenging fight against a monster, have a look around the local area. Maybe you’ll find a watercourse or a cliff to teach the monster a lesson! Have you already defeated monsters in Dragon’s Dogma 2 in a creative or simply funny way? If so, tell us about it in the comments section!

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