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The new fantasy role-playing game from the ex-chief developer of Dragon Age shows first images

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The former creative director of Bioware is working on a new fantasy game. A first trailer shows more of the graphics and setting of the title

An as yet nameless role-playing game about which there is still virtually no information at all. Why are we dedicating an article to this title anyway? There are three reasons:

Firstly, the developer studio Yellow Brick Games will finally lift the curtain on April 2, so we should get to know the game better then. Secondly, there are no unknowns working on the title, quite the opposite. And thirdly, because there is already a first teaser trailer showing us the new fantasy game world today

We summarize for you which well-known minds are behind the game and what the first scenes already reveal. You can watch the very short trailer here:

Young studio, old hands

Yellow Brick Games may still be a new kid on the block, but the Quebec City, Canada-based studio can still boast a few heavyweights

Yellow Brick Games was founded by Mike Laidlaw, who may be familiar to role-playing game fans among you. After all, Laidlaw worked at Bioware for many years and was most recently responsible for the Dragon Age series as Creative Director.

His vita at Bioware goes back even further, however, as he also worked as an author on Mass Effect and Jade Empire among others.

Also involved in the new fantasy role-playing game: Jeff Skalski, who previously worked as a senior producer at Ubisoft for six years and was involved in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate among other things. Together with just over 60 other people, these veterans are now working on their debut game as Yellow Brick Games.

A fresh fantasy world in the Unreal Engine 5

Which brings us to the core of the message: the game itself. As already mentioned, there is hardly any tangible information to report. On April 2, however, IGN will present the big gameplay reveal. Before the curtain is lifted, we can only tentatively peek through a small opening and tell you what we can already see.

The fantasy world is a completely new creation, so it is not based on any known brand It is also noticeable that the first trailer mostly shows very colorful, bright environments. The chances of a similarly dark and gloomy atmosphere as in Dragon Age: Origins are therefore rather slim, but perhaps we are mistaken.

Technically, the team is not letting itself down and is using the latest Unreal Engine 5 In terms of graphic style, however, the approach is not as photorealistic as possible. Rather, it uses the low poly look  used in many indie games, i.e. the deliberate reduction of fine details in textures and 3D objects.

By the way, the fantasy role-playing game from Yellow Brick Games was originally intended to be distributed by publisher Private Division. In the meantime, however, the team has decided to take care of everything itself. Or as Mike Laidlaw describes this step to Videogameschronicle 

Self-publishing is a leap of faith, especially in the current turbulent industry climate, but it’s also an opportunity to take our destiny into our own hands and reach gamers and the wider gaming community directly.

How do you like what you’ve seen so far? &nbspDo you like the low-poly graphic style or would you have preferred a more realistic look? Do you still have a need for new fantasy role-playing games, or are you now saturated with them and prefer other settings like sci-fi? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below:


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