Jurassic Park: Survival: First screenshots from the new dinosaur game exude almost as much nostalgia as the first movie


The story of the upcoming stealth game tells the story of what happened immediately after the incident on Isla Nublar. First images show Rexy, raptors and more

Jurassic Park: Survivalcontinues the story of the first movie – and also shows places that have only been mentioned so far. The first in-game screenshots of the upcoming game are now available, in which fans will recognize several fan favourites

However, this is alpha material, so the quality shown could still change – if it does, then hopefully for the better. Here you can see the new pictures:

What the screenshots reveal

The game is completely based on the film, both in terms of the dinosaur models shown and the environment. T-Rex lady and fan favorite Rexymakes another appearance and the raptor packalso makes an appearance. But we wonder how it can be that the three of them are still running around the island – after all, at least one of them was eaten by Rexy in the movie.

Jurassic Park: Survival is set the day after the events of the 1993 Spielberg classic.This is why we see Jurassic Park and not the later, significantly modernized Jurassic World of the new films. The reveal trailer already gave an impression, albeit with render graphics:

We control scientist Maya Joshi, who stayed behind on the island overrun by escaped dinosaurs. There, we not only visit locations familiar from the movie, but alsosee places for the first time that have only been hinted ator not even explicitly mentioned yet. Universal’s executive producer John Melchior said in an interview withIGN:

We worked with everyone involved on what the island would have looked like after the events of the movie. This includes areas we all love, like the visitor center and the T-Rex enclosure. But also what we didn’t see, things that weren’t part of the tour or became inaccessible due to the storm. Those who were on the island were supposed to stay there overnight, what does that mean? What would they have seen and where would they have slept if everything had gone to plan?

We could also encounter new dinosaurs, Melchior hinted. Maya should be wary of them, Jurassic Park: Survival will definitely not be an action game in which we encounter dinosaurs

A release date for Jurassic Park: Survival is not yet known, but it will definitely not be released in 2024. It will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

How do you like the first images from the game? Are you looking forward to a playful return to the iconic Jurassic Park?