German studio designed an original MMO almost 30 years ago, now announces action role-playing game with zombies


German studio ClipSoft GmbH recently announced Persist Online, a new zombie MMORPG that aims to deliver an old-school experience

If you’ve been around the world of video games for a while, you’ve probably heard of the classic gameTibiaone of the first online role-playing games from 1997. A full 27 years later, the German studio behind the MMO classic has now announced a new action role-playing game.

This is reminiscent of DayZ andis set to deliver a “challenging old-school experience“.

Baseball bat instead of spell

Although Tibia, released in 1997, can still be played, it was probably time for CipSoft GmbH to devote itself to a new genre representative.

The new project is calledPersist Onlineand is described by the developers as atrue old-school MMORPG with zombies, guns and baseball bats instead of orcs, wizards and spells

After the world has fallen victim to a zombie apocalypse, you control one of the few survivors and must now hold your own in this merciless environment. But the greatest enemies are not the undead, even if they occasionally mutate and become even more powerful.

The real challenge is other players!They can attack and eliminate you at any time. To protect yourself against this, you can team up with other players. But be careful who you trust, becauseFriendly Fire is always on

Survival with restrictions

Persist Online does contain some survival elements, but above all it wants to be an MMO. For example, if you die, you will lose your inventory, but not your hard-earned and improved equipment

Since looting houses, camps and other players is one of the core features of the game, you can still lose a lot of game progress if you die.

Mechanics such as hunger and exhaustion do not exist However, a day-night cycle, which affects the density of enemies among other things, provides more of a survival feeling

Other interesting elements

You are stronger in a team: You can join guilds and reach nodes that are difficult for individual players to access. There you can gain better access to certain resources or unlock a map section that reveals useful information about certain areas

Riding: But even if you are traveling without your friends, you have a loyal companion at your side. Horses not only allow you to travel from A to B faster, but also to flee safely from immediate danger.

Ebbe and tide: The water level is constantly changing due to the ebb and flow of the tide. As a result, there are some areas that can only be reached at certain times

Skills: Persist Online does not have a class system. Instead, you have the opportunity to let off steam with a total of 25 skill trees. These bring different advantages, for example for your armor, when fighting or even when fishing. But beware, you can only fully upgrade five of them and therefore have to prioritize

Release and monetization

It is not yet known when Persist Online will be released, but it is due to start Early Access on Steam soon. The developers have not yet decided exactly how the zombie MMO will be monetized, but the game will basically be based on a free-to-play model