New post-nuclear tactical shooter revealed, mixes Stalker and Ready or Not together


In Phantom Line you have to face paranormal threats with realistic military equipment

Phantom Lineis a new shooter that almost got lost in the hustle and bustle of Summer Game Fest 2024 – but it looks extremely exciting!

This tactical co-op game is being created by Antistatic Studios, a new studio largely made up of former Bioshock and Cyberpunk makers.

Phantom Line is set in an alternative Europe that has been devastated by nuclear war. The developers themselves describe their work as a“paranormal SWAT shooter “

Your task, roughly speaking, is to track down and secure supernatural phenomena in a dynamic open world. But what exactly does that mean in terms of gameplay?

SWAT team in the post-apocalypse

The gameplay trailer provides a little insight: A team of SpecOps operators enter a nightmarish parallel dimension through a portalunrecognized, while various NPC factions are engaged in a battle. And then comes the inevitable horror moment:

What are the special features of Phantom Line? The developers list the following featureson the Steam page&nbsp:

  • With the H.U.S.K. ability, players can change their character by transferring their consciousness to other artificial bodies.
  • An icebreaker serves as a base between missions; here you can stock up on authentic weapons, armor and items and modify your character.
  • Survival elements are designed to increase immersion; wild animals can be hunted in the open world and used as a source of food.
  • There is co-op for up to four players, but Phantom Line can also be played solo; a PvP mode is not planned.

Alpha test started

On the one hand, Phantom Line looks like a military tactical shooter in the style of Ready or Not or Escape from Tarkov. At the same time, there are very clear set pieces from Eastern European end-time scenarios such as Stalker, Metro or Atomic Heart.

An early playtest is currently underway: If you want to take part in the pre-alpha of Phantom Line, you can apply via Antistatic’s official Discord server.

The campaign runs until Tuesday, June 18. But beware: The alpha is very hungry for hardware, nothing less than an RTX 2060 Super is currently possible.