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Numerous fairs, events and tournaments have already been cancelled or postponed. Now Gamescom also published a first statement on the Corona pandemic.

Preparations according to plan for the time being
Almost every day there are new cancellations and postponements of events, fairs or tournaments. After the recent cancellation of the big E3, a lot of attention was focused on Gamescom. The venue Cologne has already cancelled all major events until 10.04.2020 as part of the epidemic control. For the video games trade fair, which is scheduled for the end of August (25.-29.8.), this has no effect yet.

Accordingly, Gamescom also announced that for the time being, preparations are continuing according to plan. Nevertheless, the organisers are keeping a close eye on the situation and are constantly reassessing it, after all, the health of visitors, exhibitors and partners is paramount.

If there is a cancellation or postponement, Gamescom will refund the tickets.

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