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New maps, a new keyword, a new game mode and a revised progress and reward system – “The Darkmoon Madness” has a lot to offer.

Fans have had to wait a week since the announcement, but now Blizzard Entertainment finally showed in a stream what the new expansion, “Darkmoon Madness,” which will be released worldwide on November 17, has in store. In addition to 135 new maps, an added keyword could once again turn the meta upside down.

“Doom” ensures that a card is already upgraded in the hand as soon as the player plays a card with higher mana costs. For example, it is possible to play the new card “Flinkhupferzahn” with the values 8/8 for five mana. If the card was not previously spoiled, it will only have the values 4/4. The effect should eventually be worthwhile.

Also a new game mode is waiting
Furthermore, Blizzard introduced the game mode “Duels”. In this mode, the player first selects a hero, a heroic ability and a starting treasure, and then assembles a deck of 15 cards. Afterwards, the classic PvP mode is used for the duel.

After each match, the player receives additional life and a choice of three decks of cards, each with a common theme. This means that after each round you have a larger and in the best case improved deck. The mode ends after either three defeats or twelve victories. The quality of the rewards depends on the number of victories.

This mode can already be played in early access. You get it when you buy one of two possible packages, which also offer numerous card packs. Starting on November 12th, five days before the expansion is released, Duel Mode will finally be available to all players.

Hearthstone’s biggest system update
Also on November 12, the revised progress and reward system will be on display. Blizzard even calls it “Hearthstone’s biggest system update yet”. Four parts will be tackled in the process:

– A new achievement system that tracks in-game achievements
– A central reward path for all rewards that can be earned outside of the wild and standard format
– A revision of the quests, which includes both daily and weekly quests
– An updated profile page with player information, ranks, and statistics

Even though the fans had to wait a week for the new information, only very few left the stream disappointed.


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