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Genshin Impact has announced initial changes to the original resin system for Update 1.1. There is no more, but you will receive a larger supply.

Update 1.1 of Genshin Impact will be released on November 11, 2020. Meanwhile the developer has also announced further contents of the patch. One of them concerns the often criticized energy or endurance system, which is known from numerous mobile titles.

What changes will come with 1.1?
In a blog post, the studio confirms a total of five planned changes of the next update and states in detail what exactly players can expect.

– Urharz: Instead of 120 Urharz as before, you can accumulate a maximum of 160. In addition, the weekly task now only requires 1,200 instead of 1,600 resin.
– Mobile Waypoint: A new free item lets you create a mobile waypoint.
– Key assignment: You get the possibility to configure your key mapping manually.
– Artifact filter: It will be possible to filter artifacts by their attributes.
– Equipped weapons: In the menu you will see directly which of your characters has equipped which item by means of a small avatar.

The most important change for many players is the increase of the primal resin supply. This usually limits how many activities you can tackle. For us, this system is also one of the most important problems at the moment.

Not all players are satisfied
However, the players themselves are not quite as satisfied with the change. Straight very engaged users criticize that this increase for them hardly makes a difference. One would have wished oneself rather faster regeneration. Reddit user Riersa explains in a comment with more than 900 upvotes:

“Increasing the limit will not change anything if they still use the current regeneration time. But I appreciate the change to the Battle Pass.”

The problem is that you still get 180 primordial resin per day. If you used that up until now, nothing will change for you even after the update. Because if you want to use it completely, you still have to log in twice a day.

But not all users share this dissatisfaction. Especially those who say they don’t have much time to play are more likely to be happy about the change. After all, they too can now complete the weekly Battle Pass task of using 1,200 Urharz through normal, regular playing.

Do we know more about the update?
Beyond these five points, the team behind Genshin Impact already announced the start of the event “Unreturned Star Off”. This is scheduled to launch along with version 1.1 on November 11, 2020. Information about what is behind it and what rewards there will be does not exist from the official side at the moment.

However, further information comes from Leaks. They already want to know more about the upcoming characters. And also claim to already have information about the next event: Not only will there be four new heroes, but it is also claimed that you will get fish as a guaranteed reward for the event.

When is the third area coming? From December 23rd, 2020 you will be able to visit a new area called “Dragonspine Snow Mountain”. As the developer told us, the next city, Japan-based Inazuma, will probably be released with update 1.4 at the earliest. Since major updates are scheduled to come out every six weeks, you will probably not see them before March 2021.



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