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Among Us is still a mega hit on Twitch. Thanks to VRChat, there is now a free virtual reality version available, for which you don’t necessarily need a VR headset.

Thanks to a new fan project you can now play a game that is strongly based on Among Us in VR (or 3D): Someone has recreated the most famous Map Skeld in VRChat, including tasks, traitors and space suits (via polygon).

Tasks – or fellow players – are done by hand. The whole thing is free of charge and works even without a VR headset on the PC. But do you want a 3D version of the game? Before we come to our survey, we will summarize the most important information about the 3D version.

How to play the replica
Playfully, everything remains basically the same as the original: There are crew members who have to complete tasks and traitors who secretly sabotage and assassinate. The only difference is that you are not travelling as a 2D astronaut, but are moving through a three-dimensional spaceship. The layout is again exactly like the Skeld map.

The tasks are also well known to Among Us players: Connect cables, dispose of garbage, shoot down meteorites. Instead of mouse and keyboard you use your virtual hands – which might make the task with the card reader even more exhausting.

The creator Jar has published a video that shows the gameplay of Among Us in VRChat:

Reproduction without license
This is not a mod or even an official feature of Among Us. Legally the creators are threatened with problems. So far, developer InnerSloth seems not to have complained yet.

At the same time, the team of three people is currently busy on another front: The fight against hackers and cheaters. So it is quite possible that the replication in VRChat will be stopped in the future.

Among Us in 3D – a good idea?
The VR replica is not the only 3D version of Among Us. For example there is a corresponding Overwatch mod. And of course somebody has meanwhile rebuilt the game in the Unreal Engine, but without gameplay:

Among Us uses a simple 2D cartoon look, which basically works wonderfully. In a three-dimensional environment, however, a lot of overview is lost. But the atmosphere in the replica is completely different: The game scenes shown above are, in our opinion, spookier than the colorful hustle and bustle in the original.

Furthermore, there are much more possibilities to communicate through body language in VRChat. A central feature of Among Us is that all players mute themselves and only talk to each other during emergency meetings. In the replica, however, you can signal your fellow players “Come with me”, “Go away” or something similar.



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