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Once again a scammer has streamed how he uses hacks in Battle Royale. The chat showered him with ridicule for this in no surprise.

It is not the first time that a cheater shows live how he cheats in Call of Duty: Warzone. But the latest offender “festation” was particularly brazen.

He did not even try to hide his cheats. He also scolded the twitch chat, where he earned a lot of ridicule. Despite the illegal help he played pretty badly.

Cheating live and in color
Full cheat program: The cheater used several obvious aids at once. He could see nameplates and outlines of all opponents, even through walls and at a distance. Accordingly, he easily scored shots. He also had weapons, armor plates and money displayed on the map.

Chat reacted exemplary: As usual in such cases, many users complained in twitch chat and reported him. In addition, they covered the streamer with ridicule, because he is obviously not a particularly good warzone player, despite activated hacks. Festation didn’t like that at all – he insulted his viewers and challenged them to 1-vs-1 duels in Black Ops 4.

In the meantime the video has been removed from Twitch. But the website Dexerto shared a short excerpt in which festation dies of a simple Cluster Strike despite cheats.

Only a few weeks ago a cheater streamed for over 90 minutes, as he used hacks together with buddies in Warzone. You can read the complete story at My-MMO.

What are the consequences?
The channel of festation is currently no longer available on Twitch. Apparently he was banned from the platform. Whether the punishment is permanent or only for a certain time is not known.

What are the Warzone makers doing? Activision is currently taking stronger action against cheaters and hackers. At the end of September, the publisher blocked more than 20,000 suspicious accounts. In the meantime, however, the problem seems to be reviving:

The Battle Royale of Modern Warfare is Free2Play, so it is especially easy for cheaters to simply create a new account after being blocked.

Therefore, Activision is also taking action against cheat sellers and has already made at least one provider give up. His customers reacted outraged.



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