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Gareth Bale is getting into e-sport.

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Gareth Bale participates in the Esport organisation Ellevens Esports. The organisation will be taking part in the FIFA eClub World Cup this weekend.

Gareth Bale enters the world of esports. The Real Madrid striker was introduced last Monday as co-owner of the Esports organisation Ellevens Esports.

Founded in November 2019, the organisation will take part in the FIFA eClub World Cup this coming weekend. In their group, they will meet the runners-up of the Virtual Bundesliga Borussia Mönchengladbach, among others.

Bale looks forward to events

“I’m very excited to have my own team now and I’m looking forward to seeing Ellevens compete in major sporting events around the world,” Bale told FIFA.com in an interview.

Three Esportlers and two Content Creators

Currently, the organisation is relying on a combination of three Esportlers and two Content Creators.

Pedro “PResende97” Resende, Ethan “EthxnH_” Higgins and Tyler “TyyFIFA” Phillips will represent Elleven’s Esports at competitions and the two creators Ryan (Its Haber) and Tom (Nerd Fire) will provide the digital content.

From Özil to Bale

PResende97 is not an unknown name. Already at the last two world championships he played himself into the final round and last year even for the Esport-Club of Mesut Özil M10 eSports. This year he will compete for the team of Bale Ellevens Esports.

For PResende97 the entry of the professional footballer is a great advantage.

“It’s an honour to be part of Ellevens. We may be new to the scene, but we already have a very strong team,” the Brazilian told FIFA.com. “Gareth Bale’s involvement brings us a lot of attention and that’s really exciting. I hope we can give our fans some championship titles.

Bales reasons for joining

Bale’s motivation to get into the sport is the competition aspect. For this reason he wants to offer gamers who take the sport seriously a professional environment at the highest level.

“I was lucky because I became a professional footballer early on and played for some of the best clubs in the world, and I think there are many parallels between real sport and e-sports. I want to offer gamers from all over the world an optimal professional environment and build something sustainable in e-sports,” said Bale.

What do you think? Will Ellevens Esports be able to establish itself on the FIFA professional scene? What games do you want for the organisation? Write us about social media!

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