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While the world stays at home because of Corona, player numbers on platforms like Steam are rising to unprecedented heights. But what to do when all the games are played through? With these releases you can perfectly pass the time.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
After Ori and the Blind Forest by Austrian developer Moon Studios surprisingly became one of the best 2D platforms of the year five years ago, fans were eagerly waiting for a sequel. Since last week, Ori and the Will of the Wisps has finally arrived. The second part of the series takes you back to the beautiful and mysterious world of the guardian ghost Ori, where many dangers await him.

Release: March 11th – PC, XBOX One

Nioh 2
If Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice was too easy for you, you may have a hard time with Nioh 2 since a few days. The prequel to Nioh, the Soulslike by the Japanese developer Team Ninja, is hectic and wants to take you to the game over-screen at any second. If you’re interested in a tough nut to crack in fictional 15th century Japan, you’ll get your money’s worth here.

Release: March 13th – PS4

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The long-awaited fifth instalment of the Animal Crossing series from Nintendo, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, will be released on 20 March for Nintendo Switch. With each release, the life simulation captivates millions of players in a colourful world to experience. The game gives you complete freedom of choice and, according to the sandbox principle, does not dictate what you should do or not do. A perfect game to switch off.

Release: March 20th – Switch

Doom Eternal
The first-person shooter Doom revolutionized its genre in 1993. Now id Software brings the fifth part of the action-packed ballerina to the stores. If you can’t get enough of demon battles and impressive finishing moves, Doom Eternal should be on your wish list by now. As a bonus for pre-orderers, there’s even a remake of the third part of the series called Doom 64.

Release: March 20th – PC, PS4, XBOX One, Stadia

Half-Life: Alyx
The developers of Valve are known to be very afraid of the number three. For this reason, the official third part of the legendary Half-Life series is still not being released. In the latest release Half-Life: Alyx, however, you will not play Gordon Freeman, but the eponymous Alyx Vance. The game will be released exclusively as a VR title.

Release: March 23rd – PC

bleeding edge
What happens if you put Overwatch, Borderlands and Tekken in one pot and stir vigorously? Probably exactly what developer Ninja Theory presents us with Bleeding Edge. Known from the Devil May Cry series, the studio packs its strengths into a new guise: Four against four the protagonists bash each other on the jaws until their teeth fall out. Will the Brawler also be interesting for the Esport?

Release: March 24th – PC & XBOX One

One Piece Pirate Warriors March 4 – 27
With the fourth part of the One Piece Warriors series, Bandai Namco brings the pirate crew around Straw Hat Ruffy to the latest console version. You can expect graphically impressive attacks and thrilling action.

Release: March 27th – PC, PS4, XBOX One, Switch

Final Fantasy 7 remake & Resident Evil 3 remake
The trend to bring graphics and gameplay renewing remakes to the market will not stop in 2020. With Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix brings back an absolute audience favourite, while Capcom resurrects one of the best parts of the series with Resident Evil 3.

Release Resident Evil 3: April 3rd – PC, PS4, XBOX One

Release Final Fantasy 7: April 10th – PS4

Well, what games are you eagerly awaiting? Have we forgotten interesting indie titles? Feel free to write it to us on social media!


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