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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Former action hopeful from Marvel flies out of stores forever, is now still briefly reduced

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In October it will be too late, then Marvel’s Avengers is gone from the sale. Those who still want the title should grab it now at the heavily discounted price

It wasn’t that long ago that Marvel’s Avengers was considered one of the most anticipated titles of 2020, but since the former beacon of hope hit the market, it has plummeted. In the meantime, the swan song of the once aspired action cracker is sounding. From October 1, 2023, it will no longer be available for purchase.

Sale out just before funeral

However, this circumstance offers a unique chance to all those who waited until today: Until September 30, for example, the title is (on Steam) reduced by a whopping 90 percent, which means: You get the complete package for 4 Euros.

Moment! Will the title be taken away from me? No, those who already have Marvel’s Avengers in their library will also keep it and can install and delete it as often as he or she wants. The multiplayer components will also remain functional. So the servers won’t be shut down (yet), but you won’t get any more content, patches or customer support. This is finally the end.

Marvel’s Avengers is virtually a zombie as of October 1: kind of alive, but not really.

Is it worth buying today?

At four Euros you can hardly go wrong, as long as you are into Marvel or even just action games.

Goodbye real money store: And a lot has changed since release. For example, the real money store where you could buy skins and the like is history. It still exists, but you can only spend in-game currency in it. Ultimately, this is now far less of a nuisance than its predecessor, removing one of the biggest criticisms of this once live-service game.

What remains is the rather repetitive gameplay, but it’s certainly recommendable for a round of Marvel action in between.

The developers have indicated in the past that due to the support ending, they can’t guarantee that the game experience will be completely smooth – whatever that means. We probably won’t be able to gauge how valuable the title will feel as Undead until October.

So, do you have Marvel’s Avengers in your library yet? And have you played it before or has it been there since the beginning of its existence? Or are you going to pick it up in the final spurt? Do you think the title will have a real existence after sales and support have stopped? Or do you think the action game will finally slip into oblivion? Feel free to write us your thoughts in the comments!


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