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Since the rapidly growing popularity of Fall Guys, the developers had to struggle with a large influx of cheaters. The latest update now includes an anti-cheat system from Epic to keep hackers away.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, developer Mediatonic shared some of its recent actions taken to combat the onslaught of cheaters.

With this, Fall Guys takes decisive action against cheaters in the game. Until now, Mediatonic had pursued its own strategy.

Rise and fall of the cheat island
One of her approaches to fighting cheaters in Fall Guys was the introduction of the “Cheater Island”. Although other players were unable to report the blatant cheaters that were flying through the cards or speed-hacking, the cheater detection continuously and silently marked cheaters.

After ensuring that Mediatonic would not accidentally catch innocent players with their system, the developer moved on to the second phase of the plan. A special “cheat queue” was created for the accounts previously marked as guilty.

It could take a while until enough cheaters filled the queue, but some pure hacker games took place. It did not take long until numerous clips of cheaters appeared on the Internet:

Anti-Cheat introduced
While the clips themselves were quite funny, Mediatonic was concerned that they were not just from isolated scammer queues. To prevent potential cheaters from continuing to participate in normal games, Mediatonic decided to remove the “cheater island” from the server and deny cheaters log-in instead.

With the new patch, Epic’s anti-cheat system is now in place. This should hopefully provide for some relaxed Fall Guys rounds.

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