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Derelicts wants to shake up the survival genre with physics and Unreal Engine 5

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Unreal Engine 5 and exciting ideas could make Derelicts a survival hit. We already present the upcoming game to you.

Survival games are a dime a dozen, but with the Unreal Engine 5 as their technical basis, they are (still) special. Derelicts is the name of such a pioneer, and yet hardly anyone knows the project of the French solo developer Romain.

Thanks to UE5, Derelicts not only wants to look advanced, but also function as such. On the one hand, the survival game combines virtues of The Forest and Satisfactory (yes, really) and on the other, adds its own impulses with a physics simulation and dangerous weather.

There is already a Derelicts page on (Steam). In addition, you can get an overview of many game mechanics, physics elements and the gloomy ambience in the gameplay trailer:


This is what Derelicts wants to offer

Derelicts relies on classic survival ingredients that already made The Forest a hit, but spices them up with innovations. And the new Unreal Engine 5 is just one of them. Note that the material shown so far is a pre-alpha, which is graphically and technically still far from the final product.

Mysterious Story
: The world was almost completely irradiated by an ominous defence mechanism. Those who could afford it escaped to a space station. As the player, you (with up to three friends in co-op, if you wish) have just crashed your shuttle rudely and must now fight for survival on the hostile world

Lots of crafting and base building: In Derelicts you can count on the survival 101 (höhö). You cut down trees, build a hut, try not to starve and make tools and weapons. In addition and this is where it gets unusual you can even automate production! In early videos from 2021, developer Romain already showed long water chutes carrying tree trunks to your sawmill. Associated water pumps convey the cool water, which even helps generate energy with the help of hydroelectric power plants.

Derelicts in a nutshell ! I’m so happy to have this small community to show the result of months working on my own. It’s not easy, it never is. And there is so much more work to come. But the journey is worth it ! Reading every message and constructive feedback is gold. Please never stop ! from DerelictsTheGame

Changing conditions: You should have to adapt to changing weather and seasons. For example, if a body of water freezes over in winter or the solar panels don’t produce energy at night, you should have properly diversified your energy production. It’s just a shame when a blizzard or other forces of nature turn everything into rubble.

Fight against mutants
: A breeze of exclusion zone blows through Derelicts and makes the inner Geiger counter of Stalker fans tingle. Due to the radiation, many animals have mutated into monsters, which you have to fight off with partly self-made, partly high-tech weapons.

In the course of the story, you are supposed to uncover the secret of the defence mechanism, lift a large, pulsating base out of the irradiated peat, alone or with your friends, and even win a loyal four-legged friend along the way. You can also see the dear shepherd dog in the screenshots of Derelicts:


Release: When can I play it?

Developer Romain doesn’t want to give any definite dates for the release of Derelicts yet. However, on the official (Discord channel) he states that he hopes to test an alpha and ideally a beta before the end of 2022. At some point, a release on Steam Early Access is on the agenda.

At the same time, however, the developer stresses that he only wants to release when the game meets his standards. But don’t despair, we will of course keep you up to date as usual when there is news in this regard.

Already in the mood for survival alone or in co-op with friends? There’s a lot going on in the Steam hit Raft right now:

The survival hit Raft was quiet for a long time, but for the right reasons

What do you think of Derelicts? Are you interested in the setting and the physics aspect or is the game not to your taste? Write us your opinion in the comments

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