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New leaks for Call of Duty: Warzone. After last week’s introduction of the Solo mode, Infinity Ward now seems to offer even more modes.

duos and squads
According to the Leak, the two game modes Solo and Trio will soon be supplemented by the two new options Duos and Squads. Up to four players can then vary the size of the team freely. As Warzone will be updated every Tuesday, we might be looking forward to the new modes today.

New “High Action” Mode
But not only the selection of the number of players is to be improved. If the leaks prove true, Activision will also give players a new “High Action” mode.

In this one there should be more money, more legendary boxes and more Killstreak drops. So there’s more than just action in this mode.

As a further innovation it should be possible to open private lobbies and customize them as you like. So the Battle Royale fun according to house rules will be provided soon.

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