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Monday, September 27, 2021

Battlefield 2042: Even more info on weapons, vehicles, hazard zone discovered

While EA hardly releases any new information about Battlefield 2042, a dataminer digs further into the alpha files. And finds something there!

The dataminer temporyal has struck again: For weeks he has been digging up new details about Battlefield 2042 from the game files of the closed tech playtest and presents his findings on Twitter.

Little by little, new information about vehicles, weapons and game modes come to light, while from the official side only great silence can be heard – which worries many Battlefield fans.

The latest dig from temporyal apparently refers to Hazard Zone, the still secretive game mode of BF2042, which allegedly has parallels to Escape from Tarkov and Hunt Showdown. An important feature is said to be the “extraction streak”, i.e. a series of successful extractions from the map.

Those who escape alive from a round several times unlock “bonuses, discounts and tactical upgrades”, it continues. The leaker himself compares the principle to the Dark Zone from The Division 2, and the finding supports the theory that in Hazard Zone, if you die, you are eliminated from the match and lose all the equipment you brought with you.

This coincides with claims that you can buy insurance for your own loadout in Hazard Zone. So far, the developers have only confirmed that Hazard Zone depends on good teamwork in the squad and that the mode is fundamentally different from regular multiplayer. However, a classic Battle Royale has been explicitly ruled out.

Mine vehicles and many attachments

Besides the Hazard Zone info, temporyal also has new info on vehicles and Battlefield 2042’s weapons up his sleeve. For example, the M5C Ripsaw tracked vehicle revealed in the trailer is said to be able to deploy various types of land mines to throw off pursuers, including cluster bombs and incendiary charges.

The passenger is also said to be able to operate a guided missile, a 30mm cannon or a minigun. In August it became known that many vehicles in the game will have several gunner seats and will mutate into veritable fortresses when fully occupied.

The handguns also offer a wide range of equipment: temporyal shows for the first time the extensive conversion options of the LCMG, a lighter machine gun based on the Knight’s Armament Company LAMG (in our overview you can find all other confirmed weapons in BF2042).

Battlefield 2042: All weapons confirmed so far

What attachments have been discovered? Attachments include various muzzles and silencers, grips, sights and under barrel mounted shotguns and grenade launchers. There is also a choice of different cartridges, such as subsonic ammunition or armour-piercing rounds. By the end of August, he had already found evidence of no less than 11 types of ammunition.

Not all attachments will be able to be exchanged directly in-game via the new Plus system: According to temporyal, you put together a few attachments in the loadout, which you can then access in real time during the ongoing match. He also assumes that the weapon specialisations from Battlefield 5 will not return via skill trees.

Info from datamining is not one hundred percent reliable, as it can also be placeholders or discarded concepts. Hopefully the open beta, whose start date has already been leaked, will soon reveal what will ultimately really find its way into the game.


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