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Among Us is currently testing the next update almost unnoticed. And that could make the gameplay much more interesting with a simple change.

You can already test the upcoming update for Among Us on Steam. So far the developer himself hasn’t announced an official list of changes.

But the players themselves have already found some. The changes may seem small at first glance, but they could change the gameplay a lot.

The new features of Among Us
Besides a colorblind feature, the game will offer you more possibilities to customize your matches in the future. Besides the task bar you can also define the voting function more precisely.

– Task bar: In addition to the default setting you can disable the task bar completely or only show it in meetings.
– Anonymous voting: If this function is activated, nobody can see who chooses which player from the match.

Since the gameplay of Among Us revolves around the social manipulation of fellow players, both of these features open up new possibilities for crew members – but also for the traitors. The absence of the task bar makes it harder to notice when the traitor is pretending to complete a task.

On the other hand, the voting has advantages and disadvantages for both groups of players. For example, the traitor has an interest in the vote to throw innocent people out of the spaceship. So far, however, he has always made himself potentially suspicious if he has pursued this goal.

Anonymous votes prevent this and thus open up new possibilities for traitors and force the crew members to be more attentive. At the same time, the traitor no longer knows who suspects him. This also helps the role-play aspect of the title.

How to participate in the beta

Only players of the Steam version can participate in the beta. Those who bought the game via itch.io or play it on their smartphone will have to wait until the official release in order to use the new features.

– Search Among Us in your Steam library
– Click it with a right click and open the settings
– Switches to the “Betas” tab
– Selects “public-beta” from the drop-down menu here
– Now the update is downloaded

The new features are elements that the developer once wanted to install only with a successor. Due to the great success, however, he stopped working on Among Us 2 and instead wants to regularly add new features to the first part.


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