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Monday, September 13, 2021

After PS showcase with GTA V – Why is there still no GTA 6?

The new GTA part is still a long time coming. There are a few reasons why Rockstar is delaying the release.

The community has been waiting for GTA 6 for quite some time. The last GTA part is now eight years ago and Rockstar Games had announced a re-release of the game for the new console generation in the middle of the year. Some reasons show why the release of the new GTA VI is still a long time coming.

Gaming insider Tom Henderson revealed several reasons for the long wait that may have prompted Rockstar to make this decision. Among other things, he said, the well-being of the staff is paramount, so bottlenecks like previous releases should be avoided. In addition, Rockstar wants to wait for the number of next-generation consoles to increase further.

Keeping an eye on the finances

The multiplayer GTA Online is still a successful product of the developer studio and due to the regular updates and expansions it still attracts a lot of players in front of the screen. From a business point of view, the release of a new GTA part could counteract this development.

It would take an enormous amount of effort to build up promising structures that can keep up with the record numbers of GTA V. For a company that is also represented on the stock exchange, it is quite conceivable that they will wait with the release until the hype around the predecessor part dies down.


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