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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Leak of the Fortnite Summer Event 2022 – New challenges, well-known NPCs and much more

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Epic Games is brightening up your gaming summer with the “No Sweat & Sweaty Rebuild Summer Event”. Everything we know about the event so far can be found here.

Next time we’ll have a look at the event.

In addition to recurring events like Fortnitemares or Winterfest 2021, Epic Games is also planning a special event for this year’s summer with new skins, challenges and much more. Among others, the data miner and reliable Fortnite leaker “HypeX” has now published on Twitter what we could expect at the Summer Event 2022. Here are the latest leaks at a glance.

HypeX Leak – “No Sweat & Sweaty Rebuild” Summer Event

On Twitter, HypeX posted the first information about the “No Sweat & Sweaty Rebuild” Summer Event on July 9. These include:

  • 3 Challenges called “Sponsorship”, “Marketing” and “Product Recall”.
  • New skate park spots on the map & a Summer Beach POI
  • The sand tunneling mechanic will return
  • Searchable Containers with No Sweat Umbrellas
  • new voicelines

..and much more.

Known NPC’s and new skating feature?

With the new skate park landmarks HypeX mentions in his leak, one could speculate that skating will be added as a new locomotion option in Fortnite this summer.

Furthermore, according to the Twitter account “FNAssist”, the NPC’s Boardwalk Ruby, Summer Drift and the banana Unpeely will be found on the map during the event.

In addition to many new challenges and interesting new places to explore, there will probably be new skins and cosmetics in the summer look again this year.

When is the summer update coming to Fortnite?

Rumours suggest that the update could go live as early as Tuesday 19 July. However, there are no official announcements about this yet and we will probably have to be patient a bit longer until Epic Games gives us more info.


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