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Fortnite Crossover – Halo map leak with new mode

The crossover between Fortnite and Halo is imminent, according to several leaks. The original Halo map and Master Chief will debut in the Battle Royale with the Capture the Flag mode.

Fortnite developer Epic Games and Halo maker Microsoft could soon make common cause. According to the leak from “FNBRUnreleased,” the crossover will begin in mid-December. Additionally, the original Halo map Blood Gulch will be playable in Fortnite, as revealed on Wednesday.

The iconic map is said to be playable in Fortnite with Capture The Flag mode as Limited Time Mode (LTM). In addition, a Master Chief skin is likely as part of the possible crossover. The legendary Halo character fits into the current theme of Fortnite Season 5 Zero Point and would fit into the “Gaming Legends”.

A potential skin for Master Chief has already been shown by “FNBRLeaks” via Twitter a week ago. Also seen is the UNSC Pelican flying ship and an emote centered around the Lil’ Warthog vehicle. Both are also known from the Halo series.

So far, there are no official statements from Epic Games or Microsoft regarding a crossover in Fortnite. Nevertheless, other established Fortnite leakers like “ShiinaBR” increase the significance of the possible new content with similar statements.

Leaks around a skin of Kratos have already been confirmed at the beginning of the month. The epic character from the God of War series has been available for just under a week. Because God of War is known as an exclusive title for the PlayStation, an additional variant with the Xbox top title Halo would make perfect sense.


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