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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Bugs in Fortnite Season 2: Flying boats and exploding boxes

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 starts spectacular and versatile. Already after one week numerous bugs cause a sensation. So it is possible to fly around in a boat or to cross the air on a zipline.

One of the central complaints of the community became clear again and again in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1: Mobility is too limited. This problem now seems to be involuntarily fixed by bugs in Season 2.

Important note: Abusing bugs can be entertaining, but in a real game it is unfair to your fellow players and can also lead to a ban. If you would like to test the bugs yourself, choose Creative Mode.

Steal the zipline and float around
One of the newly introduced points of interest, or interesting places, is The Grotto. If you jump into the hole there and down to the base, you will land in water. At the edge there is a zipline stretched across the water. Now jump up and when you touch the water again, press “E” to use the zipline, as shown in the following video from minute 1:53.

Now you have disconnected the magnet of the zipline and it floats above you. You can still move freely while the magnet shoots lightning and explodes objects.

Now go up any hill and jump from the ledge there. The zipline will teleport you into the sky and you can now fly across the map and attack from a bird’s eye view.

Let boats fly with the grappler
YouTuber LazarBeam is known for his crazy Fortnite experiments. In Season 2 he has already discovered some mischief: for example flying boats, with Season 2 the Infinite Grappler came into play. This means that the grappler not only has ten loads, but can be shot infinitely often.

If you are on a boat and shoot with the grappler at an object outside, the player pulls himself and the boat in this direction – also across the air.

This way you can, for example, build a structure far above you, shoot the grappler upwards and use it to catapult you up on the boat. This practice has been possible since the beginning of chapter 2, but with the unlimited “ammunition” of the new grappler it can be exploited even further.

Constructing targeted, living bombs
The instructions are short, but highly explosive: One of your fellow players is hiding in one of the new boxes that came with Season 2. Then you strap several C4 on the box, which you can detonate by remote control. The player now runs towards a group of enemies and you can release the explosive.

If you want to add an extra surprise effect, the walking box can also launch its attack on a launch pad and fly into the enemies.

In the meantime there was already a new update. However, the bugs are still possible.


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