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The coronavirus continues to circulate in the Esport world. Now also developer EA has reacted and suspended all stations of the FIFA Global Series until further notice.

Virtual Bundesliga Grand Finals suspended
The action of EA affects all FIFA 20 leagues and tournaments. Among others, the Grand Final of the Virtual Bundesliga is suspended. The event, where the best German single player in FIFA 20 should be crowned, was planned for March 28th and 29th in Cologne.

According to EA, the suspension of the game in FIFA 20 was done to ensure the safety of the participants, employees and partners. Furthermore, it was intended to prevent the pandemic from spreading further via FIFA 20 Esport.

It is still unknown if there will be a catch-up date or not. EA will continue to monitor the global situation before they plan and announce next steps.

The full statement of EA about FIFA 20 can be found here: FIFA 20 Global Series Suspended

All EA Esport events suspended
Not only at FIFA 20 EA has pulled the emergency brake. Also the Apex Legends Global Series, the Madden NFL 20 Championship Series as well as the FIFA Online 4 Events have been suspended until further notice.

Click here for the full statement from EA:
EA Suspends all Competitive Gaming Live Events

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