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New patch for Cyberpunk 2077 clears up some tech annoyances

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There aren”t many issues that the latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 addresses. It doesn”t even change the version number, but what gets fixed is important.

The work on Cyberpunk 2077 continues. As CD Projekt Red announced on Twitter, a new patch has been released. However, it is quite small, both in terms of download and the list of changes.

Fixed Crashes

First and foremost, the hotfix fixes two situations where crashes could occur. One of them can be found in the course of the final quest.

Pathtracing and Dynamic Resolution Scaling The second change has to do with the recently added pathtracing. Once this is enabled, you will no longer be able to use Dynamic Resolution Scaling. What is Pathtracing? This experimental mode allows, among other things, calculation of direct as well as indirect lighting at a level never seen before in a video game. This rendering technique makes far fewer compromises than regular ray tracing. It is considered the next evolutionary step in game graphics. However, without the use of DLSS or FSR – if more than a handful of FPS are desired – it can only be used meaningfully on absolute high-end cards, such as the 4080 or 4090.

The Dynamic Resolutrioon Scaling is a technique that dynamically adjusts the used game resolution and thus, depending on the scene, reduces the number of calculated pixels, sometimes drastically. This increases the FPS, but reduces the picture quality.

Not to be confused with DLSS, FSR or Intel”s XeSS These extrapolate the internally used resolution via algorithms. If you are interested in this topic, you will find a good starting point here

But why should you disable then pathtracing needs so much power?

Our Hardware editor Daniel Raettig has a guess: With pathtracing, the picture already gets quite choppy in parts, due to the not easily avoidable noise that is added by pathtracing calculations. Combine this with a dynamic resolution and the high hardware demands of the technology, and the image quality probably suffers too much.

So just use DLSS with Nvidia cards, and FSR or XeSS with AMD but Intel GPUs. CD Projekt Red is simply taking a source of potential disappointment out of the options.

Caution regarding mods: The developer points out that although the version number does not change, mods may still be affected in their function. So if you are unsure or even experience new bugs, it is worth looking over your list of Mods to see if one or the other also needs an update

How does it look like with you? Have you been affected by the crashes? Did the patch  help you? Or is your enjoyment of Cyberpunkt 2077 still hampered by other technical shortcomings? Do you use the very fancy pathtracing mode, even if it squeezes every ounce of power out of the GPU? Feel free to write us your experiences in the comments!

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