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Cyberpunk 2077: New Leaks Reveal DLCs and Big Expansions – What’s Behind Them?

On Reddit, the upcoming DLCs and expansions for Cyberpunk 2077 have allegedly surfaced. We analyse the rumours.

The rumour machines around Cyberpunk 2077 are running hot. After information about the mega-patch 1.3 recently made the rounds, dataminers are now fishing the first details about major expansions and the free DLCs out of the murky code waters.

CD Projekt Red could not confirm the leaks to us. However, the allegations can still be well classified on the basis of previous rumours and already known information. We would still like to ask you to treat the information with a certain amount of scepticism and caution.

What do the leaks claim about DLCs and expansions?

The leaks come from two independent dataminers who also report different things – we’ll break down what exactly for you here. The extensive post by Saint_Pirate on Reddit makes the start:

– The user has combed through the game files and dug up two paid expansions, as well as 17 free DLCs.

– The two expansions have the working titles Ep1 and Ep2. According to him, Ep1 will revolve around Mr. Hands, the fixer of Pacifica, and will open up a new area there complete with quests and locations. This coincides with the earlier statements of a Dataminers.

– No content can be filtered out about Ep2 yet. The leaker speculates that Ep1 is currently being worked on because the quests around Mr. Hands were added after patch 1.2 and the expansion will open in early 2022. Ep2 would then come later again.

– If the abbreviations in the names of the free DLCs are correct, they conceal, among other things, weapon packages, poses for the photo mode, flat decorations, new gigs, clothing or even a New Game Plus. Less clear are designations such as “Mirror”.



The second Reddit poster is no stranger to this. PricklyAssassin already spread the first rumour about the DLC names, as well as the next big patch:

– He talks about nine free DLCs and three big expansions, for which placeholder prices are currently still deposited in the Epic Store.

– Expansions and DLCs have codenames like “22unactive” or “class1”, which does not allow any conclusions about the content.

– The addons are said to be listed in the store because QA is testing them. The leaker wants to try downloading them himself and then add his impressions.

What is there to the rumours?

The first leak seems credible
As always, unconfirmed rumours should be taken with a grain of salt. In our estimation, however, the first leak could be true. On the one hand, another data miner supports the information, who spoke directly with the colleagues from Eurogamer and showed them the findings.

On the other hand, Saint_Pirate himself provides screenshots, as well as instructions on how to access the corresponding files yourself – they are accessible via the game files and can theoretically be viewed by anyone. We are currently reviewing the information and adding our own impressions.

His time frame also seems realistic and corresponds with the statements of developer CD Projekt Red. The developer originally wanted to start with the free DLCs at the beginning of 2021, but due to the hacker attack and the technical problems, everything was postponed. Now, according to the leaker, more free content will be released later and Ep1 is not expected until early 2022. This fits in with the fact that, according to the developer, smaller DLCs will still be released in 2021, but big add-ons will still take a while.

The alleged DLC content is also in line with what we and many other players would like to see in the future for Cyberpunk 2077:

The second leak leaves many questions unanswered

The information from PricklyAssassin leaves a bland aftertaste. He uses a self-made tool for his leaks, with which he can allegedly access the Epic Store – his screenshots cannot be verified and could theoretically be manipulated. In addition, he has already been wrong once with the DLC names, as developer CD Projekt confirmed.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned DLCs could be hidden behind the placeholders, since he examines the store database and not the game files themselves. However, the fact that he talks about three expansions is somewhat irritating – the designations “class1”, “class2” and “Expansion Pass” clearly sound like two add-ons including a Season Pass.

What about Patch 1.3?

The information about Update 1.3 remains thin. We assume that the time will come at the end of July or beginning of August, if CD Projekt Red stays true to its current patch rhythm. It is likely that the most frequently reported problems will be addressed, most of which relate to faulty quests. According to the developers, performance and stability are now in good condition.

So keep your eyes open in the next few weeks. We will inform you as soon as there is news about Cyberpunk. Before the next big patch, we also wanted to know how the role-playing game is running for you. There were hardly any technical problems, but this did not diminish the worries of many players.


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