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After the first rumours have already been circulating, it is now official: Team dignitas secures an absolute legend lineup.
The return of the kings?

There is hardly a fan who does not know the iconic ninjas in the 2012-2014 pyjama lineup. In the early days of the scene, the Swedes set the record series of 87-0 victories that has never been achieved before and dominated opponents seemingly at will.

But even for these seemingly unbeatable titans the slow decline began. With the beginning of their weak phase in 2014, NiP gradually bid farewell to the legendary members of the team and tried to bring about change with new lineups. Today the Ninjas finally announced the farewell of Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg.

For the now over 30-year-old veteran, however, this was only the step to the big reunion with his old comrades. In the new Team Dignitas, the well-known lineup is reunited. Although Robin “fifflaren” Johansson will only take over the coaching role, the expectations of the new team are naturally high. The signing of the up-and-coming young Norwegian talent Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli as fifth player also raises the hopes of the fans.


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