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Warzone records – These are the numbers you have to beat in CoD Battle Royale

Warzone records – These are the numbers you have to beat in CoD Battle Royale

More than 100 kills and over 50 victories in a row? Numbers any casual Warzone player can only dream of, but for the best of the best, they’re part of everyday life.

Battle Royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite and Co. attracted a lot of players and attention in recent years. Almost everyone has tried the genre at some point and been in the battle for the Chicken Dinner or the Victory Royale.

Some players even go so far as to put several hours a day into the grind in order to achieve the most curious records. Especially in Warzone, these records are mostly in terms of the number of kills a player or a group has achieved in a certain mode. On the other hand, however, other interesting records are also achieved.

In any case, achieving such records requires a lot of skill and above all stamina. In this article we will show you which records the community has already set.

The best records of the traditional game modes

All recorded kill records in the Solo, Duo, Trio and Quads game modes were set at the beginning of 2021 and have remained until today. This suggests that the current records are unlikely to be easy to break.

The Warzone Solo record was set by the Brazilian player iNewwz. His class consisted of the CR-56 AMAX and the MAC-10. If available, he grabbed a vehicle to get to his targets even faster, bringing his total to a whopping 47 kills.

The record in the two-man team was not set by two school friends, but by a father and his son. The Portuguese streamer named Nistaf managed a total of 79 kills with his father in the team. The teenager scored 61 kills, while his father contributed the remaining 18.

In the battle of the three-man teams, Mexicans Dizi, xDaltt and DonLucky currently wear the gold medal. The team provided the current best kill score on 5 January 2021. Out of 129 kills, DonLucky scored 42, xDaltt 43 and Dizi 44, so the split was pretty even and everyone deserved the record.

The fourth and final kill record came about in a very special way. The streamer Aydan and three of his friends competed against each other in games with a wager of $500. They played as a four-person lobby, but went on the kill hunt as split teams of two. As the kill count increased, the prize money became less and less interesting and the boys realised there was a lot more here. Eventually they set the new Quads world record with 162 kills.


The latest record – 61 kills in solo buyback mode

In an attempt to beat his own personal best, Warzone player clutchw recently managed to set a new worldwide record in the so-called solo buyback mode on 6 October 2021. After a nerve-wracking game lasting about 25 minutes, clutchw’s performance was a whopping 61 kills.

A special feature of the buyback mode is that not all players end up directly in the gulag after their death, but have the opportunity to buy their way back into the round. This ensured that clutchw met more players than in the conventional solo mode and was even able to bathe some opponents twice in some cases.

He benefited particularly from the helicopter, which he was able to use for his rotations from minute one. With the mobility he had gained and with the aid of drones, he then went hunting for opponents. The loadout clutchw used included the EM2 assault rifle and the OTs 9 submachine gun.


52 wins in a row – The longest win streak

Not only the number of kills in a single match are worth a mention and a record of their own. Success across multiple games also requires a lot of stamina and endurance.

Some players wanted to test this out and therefore worked on the longest winning streak in Warzone. Although the established mark of 52 victories by BAZTARDO and Co. is not an officially confirmed one, it is still very likely to be one of the best series of all time.

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