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Saturday, December 4, 2021

“I’m doing the work of God” – Amouranth doesn’t understand Twitch ban

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The ASMR streamer is best known for the hot tub meta on Amazon’s streaming platform. Now she’s been banned again.

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been banned for the fifth time since 2019 last Friday. In a satirical YouTube video on Saturday, the polarising as well as outspoken streamer spoke out about her recent past. She spoke about her latest suspensions on streaming platform Twitch as well as social media services Instagram and TikTok.

There was no explanation from Twitch and co. regarding the bans.  “I am confused as to why I was banned on Twitch,” Amouranth said in her video statement with a serious look and ironic voice. Lately, she is said to have been quieter. Her content is very family-friendly, the former hot-tub meta figurehead insisted, without batting an eyelid. As an aside, she seems to care less about the additional ban on TikTok and Instagram.

Like some of the other statements in this video, the streamer icily recited her planned sentences without appearing serious. “I have received a lot of messages, including from priests,” Amouranth added in her ironic post. “They praise me: I am doing the work of God.” She then considered the possibility of publishing videos dressed as a nun soon.

Amouranth also poked fun at last week’s Twich hack and expressed her appreciation that Twitch took the time to ban her another time, despite its own problems. The last time this happened was in June, when her channel was taken off the platform for a short time due to her ASMR streams. However, Amouranth has never had to take a break for longer than three days. She doesn’t seem to be facing a perma-ban this time either, as according to Twitch partner “CommanderRoot”, Amouranth’s partnership with Amazon’s streaming platform remains intact.

The streamer is among the 50 most successful streamers:inside the platform in terms of payouts, according to the latest Twitch leaks. According to the report, Amouranth has earned over 1.3 million US dollars through Twitch in the past two years. The native Texan also had some pointed words to say about this. Because through the leaks, “people have become aware that I’m so underpaid. I need you guys when I come back on Twitch. Subscribe to me for free with Prime and donate. As number 48 on the list, we can still improve.”

Amouranth seems to be taking the additional ban on Twitch in stride. The multimillionaire says she has already earned enough money to retire directly. However, she wants to continue producing content and be present on other platforms. “I am not banned on Twitter – yet,” Amouranth said. She said she has enough time and opportunities during her Twitch ban to publish videos elsewhere.


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