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(The feeling of dying with one hit) – CoD YouTuber criticizes MW3, but has hope

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According to CoD expert TheXclusiveAce, Modern Warfare 3 suffers from a historical problem in the series. But this could soon be solved

Firefights in the multiplayer of CoD Modern Warfare 3 should actually be a bit fairer, as the TTK has been increased compared to its predecessor.

This means on average more hits are neededto send an enemy to the ground – giving players more time to react under fire.

However, this is precisely where CoD streamer and guide author TheXclusiveAce still sees a major problem (from minute 9:20):

In (his current video) (see above) he describes that there are always situations in which “it feels like you die after one or two bullets”. What’s the reason for this and why does the CoD expert have high hopes for a fix?

The core of the problem: The CoD pro blames the perceived truth that you die too quickly in MW3 on fluctuations in server connections and desync. The information on the client side (for the player) is not completely synchronized with the server – this results in rubber band effects, for example.

You often have the feeling that your opponent can take you out in one or two shots, but you need five to six bullets. Especially when the TTK is slower than in previous years, that’s a very bad playing experience. It’s not like that in every match. But if the connection is poor, you really notice it

History repeats itself: According to TheXclusiveAce, this problem is a recurring one and has been present to a greater or lesser extent in almost all CoD releases in recent years. With the particularly heavy server load at launch, the CoD servers seem to be chronically overloaded.

In my old CoD reviews, this complaint comes up almost every time. Maybe it has to do with overloaded servers. You’d think [the developers] would have this under control by now, but it keeps happening.

Hope in sight: Historically, the problem of strongly fluctuating TTK is usually quickly resolved. Because, as TheXclusiveAce suspects, as the server load decreases, the frustrating situations soon disappear.

I strongly assume that this criticism will go up in smoke over time. It stabilizes every time after a CoD release. History shows that it’s often bad in the launch window and then gets better and better.

The fact that there are always problems at the launch of major online titles should come as a big surprise to very few players. Time and again, a huge rush of users even paralyzes games completely.

What are your experiences with server problems? Are you also often plagued by queues, bugs and rubberbanding or do you consciously avoid the release period? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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