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In Season 6 Reloaded of the Battle Royale there is some new content. But it’s not only for fun, but also for annoying glitches. A fix is not yet in sight.

Actually there are many reasons to play Call of Duty: Warzone right now: A fantastic Halloween event, a new playlist rotation, the night mode. But unfortunately, several serious bugs are clouding the joy of playing. We have collected the worst bugs of the moment and tell you what you can do.

Bug 1: Screen turns black
What is the problem? There are many people who are affected by this error. The complete environment turns into complete blackness. Some UI elements remain visible, but apart from that you can’t see anything at all. Most of the time, this happens right at the beginning of the match, but some players report that the error occurred later. There are some clips on Reddit that show the bug:

What can you do? As long as there is no official fix, you have no choice but to leave the match and start a new one. There are a few possible workarounds – for example you can usually see at the wheel of a car. But you have to find them in the dark first.

Bug 2: Teleportation
What is the problem? Some players unintentionally end up in a completely different place on the map. And nobody knows what is causing this bug. As CharlieIntel shows on Twitter, the teleport seems to happen spontaneously:

What can you do? Unfortunately nothing at the moment, because the trigger is not known yet. Maybe the bug is related to the subway system, which also teleports you – but only to certain places. If you encounter the bug, please report it to the developers.

Bug 3: Final reward does not arrive
What is the problem? Actually you should get the blueprint “Punisher Pumpkin” if you find all 16 Halloween items. But some players did not get the reward.

What can you do? According to the official support the problem is known and a fix is in the works. The event reward should not expire. If you want to go a different way: A second run, in which you visit all 16 boxes again, seems to solve the bug. At least that’s what several sources on Reddit report.

Bug 4: Scope
What is the problem? The Spotter Scope is being unfairly exploited. Actually, you have to hold it in your hand and lower your gun, just like with the heartbeat sensor. However, it can be used while you are aiming. This gives you a huge unfair advantage – you can read about the effect in detail here at My MMO.

What can you do? Refrain from using the item. It’s not a real cheat, but still unfair – and the bug will be fixed soon.

What are the developers doing?
Currently Infinity Ward has not yet commented on the new bugs. Normally such bugs are fixed relatively soon with a patch. Only recently, due to a bug, the helicopters in night mode of Warzone were deactivated.

You can contact the official Activision support if you have any problems. They can at least tell you the current state of affairs. We will also let you know when the problems are solved.


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