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For Star Wars: Squadrons some small content was announced to herald the start of the second season of The Mandalorian. The new Cosmetics are available for free.

On October 30, 2020 season 2 of the TV series The Mandalorian will start on Disney+. For this occasion, you can soon have Baby Yoda take a seat in the cockpit of your X-Wing in Star Wars: Squadrons – at least in the form of a bobblehead figure.

As Electronic Arts officially announced, the space game will get some free cosmetics on October 28th to get in the mood for the upcoming episodes of the Star Wars series.

Squadrons: All about the Mandalorian content
What new content is available? The new content for The Mandalorian is limited to cosmetic items that you can use to decorate the inside of your cockpit. You won’t be able to fly the Razor Crest of bounty hunter Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal). On the EA-Homepage the following Cosmetics were presented:

– Dashboard Flair: Baby Yoda as Bobblehead
– Dashboard Flair: Model of an IG assassination droid (like IG-11 is one)
– Hanging Flair: Model of the Razor Crest
– Hanging Flair: Beskar Bars
– Hologram: Blurrg
– Hologram: Bounty Rodian

When will the content from The Mandalorian be available? The new Cosmetics will be available in Star Wars: Squadrons from October 28, 2020, before season 2 of The Mandalorian launches on October 30 on the Disney+ streaming service.

How are the Mandalorian goodies unlocked? How exactly your baby Yoda and Co. will unlock in Star Wars: Squadrons is currently unknown. However, you will be able to buy the new cosmetics by completing in-game challenges and using the in-game currency – just like all other customization options in Squadrons.

To help you do this more quickly, we recommend our multiplayer guide to Star Wars: Squadrons. In it, the GameStar tester explains in detail how to become better in duels against real players, which flight maneuvers are worth mastering and how to best equip your spaceships with upgrades:

Do I have to pay real money for these upgrades? Star Wars: Squadrons does not require microtransactions or real money purchases. You won’t be asked to pay for the Mandalorian update either – the new content will land in the space game for free.

Are “real” DLCs planned for Star Wars: Squadrons? According to the current state of affairs, Squadrons is not supposed to receive major content updates or DLCs – for example in the form of new spaceships, story missions or single player modes. With the launch, the development of the Star Wars game was considered to be finished, except for updates to fix bugs or balancing problems.

New content for single or multiplayer will therefore not be available for the time being. So fans will have to be satisfied with the current content of Squadrons and can at least look forward to some Mandalorian goodies.



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