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The fifth season of Call of Duty Warzone promises many new content and changes. Infinity Ward reduces the amount of memory required. Numerous new weapons, agents and map changes come into play.

The fifth season of Warzone starts on August 5th. After installation, the game should require significantly less hard drive space. The patch also brings numerous new weapons, agents and map changes. In addition, a new faction is to be introduced with the “Shadow Company”.

Production Director Paul Haile of Inifity Ward promised on Twitter on Sunday that the update for the fifth season will reduce the amount of hard drive space used. The update itself should again be large, like the update for the fourth season with 84 gigabytes.

After completion of the installation, the used disk space of the game should be significantly smaller. Currently, the game eats up to 200 gigabytes of free disk space.

In the past, the size of Modern Warfare gave some players a choice if the hard drive did not have enough storage capacity. Either one had to delete other games or uninstall parts of the game like the campaign.


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