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Due to a recently discovered bug in League of Legends, Sona players can gain an unfair advantage with a certain skin.

League of Legends is not generally considered a Pay2Win title, as most of the real-money content is purely cosmetic. However, in the case of Ultimate Skin DJ Sona, which is available for 3250 RP (the equivalent of just under 25 euros) in the LoL shop, there is a mechanism that gives players an unfair advantage.

YouTuber Vandiril, who specializes in finding bugs and odd interactions in League of Legends, released a video on the subject on Sunday. In the video, Vandiril uses DJ Sona’s unique ability to play different songs during the game to make him immune to any kind of mass effect (CC effect). During the song change animation, Sona cannot be stunned, thrown up, scared or anything like that.

While Vandiril jokingly titled the video “proof that League of Legends is Pay2Win,” it is safe to assume that this is an unintended bug in the game.

It is not known how long the mechanics have been present in LoL. So far, developer Riot Games has not fixed the bug. Already in the past some skins were called “Pay2Win” by the community, but this was mostly due to unclear or badly visible animations.


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