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VALORANT asks for the second act. Update 1.05 brings new game content like the agent Killjoy, a new Battle Pass and Deathmatch as a new game mode.
The second act of VALORANT is here. With the update 1.05 Riot Games has added the new agent Killjoy to the game on Wednesday. You can unlock the agent via an order. Furthermore, there is now a new game mode with Free-for-All Deathmatch, which esports.com has already reported on.

In addition, the second act also includes a new Battle Pass, which gives access to numerous new skins. A total of thirteen skins can be unlocked from the “Hivemind”, “POLYfox” and “Red Alert” collections.

In addition to the skins from the Battle Pass, players can also purchase the “Glitchpop” skin package for 8,700 VALORANT points, which includes skins for five different weapons. It also includes a “Glitchpop” card, a weapon buddy and graffiti.

Major change to the Ranked System
In addition to the new content, Riot Games is mainly working on the ranked system with the 1.05 update. In the future, solo and duo players will be specially combined in the matchmaking. This means that they no longer have to play against well-rehearsed squads of five players. However, this could result in longer waiting times.

There will also be a better marker for how the rank changes after a competitive match. The new ranking should now be displayed with up to three arrows up or down.

Agent Raze is being gentrified
Riot Games has also been working on the balancing and has generated the agent Raze. It now takes longer to equip her Ultimate Full Pipe and her explosives package does less damage.

Update comes with problems
Not only new content and an updated ranked system come into play with update 1.05, but also numerous problems. Riot Games had to deactivate the generated agent Raze shortly after the release of the update, because a bug had crept into their Ultimate.

Also the map “Ascent” had to be deactivated for the time being, because there were problems with a wall on the map.


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