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CoD – Major weapon balancing announced for Warzone and multiplayer

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The mid-season update in Black Ops Cold War is getting more and more content. Now developer Treyarch has announced a major weapon balancing.

The mid-season update in BOCW is coming on March 29. Now Treyarch has announced more content. According to this, several important weapons will be adjusted in the latest Call of Duty title.

Balancing for AK-47U, MAC-10 and Co.

From the AK-47 to the Magnum pistol, everything is included. However, not only individual weapons are included in the list, but also complete classes: SMGs, assault rifles and LMGs.

Such a big weapon update is rather rare. The balancing will greatly change the meta of the popular shooter.

Exactly what changes will be made to the weapons will be announced on Monday. However, Treyarch already stated that there will be extensive recoil balancing for all AR and SMG attachments.

Meanwhile, since the Mutliplayer and Warzone patches are being released separately, the Battle Royale mode will likely receive a slightly altered update. This could affect the controversial AUG and FFAR.