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CoD 2023 release leaked – fans will have to deal with MW2 for longer after all

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The unveiling of CoD 2023 is waiting longer than expected, but we can soon finally kill zombies again.

After the release of Call of Duty 2023 was already confirmed in February, there are now new details about the presentation, release and content of the Modern Warfare 2 successor.

Better late than never

First it wasn’t supposed to come out at all, then it did, and now it’s delayed. The new Call of Duty title, which is set to release in 2023 and replace Modern Warfare 2, will be released later this year according to a leak, but won’t be officially announced until August through an in-game event in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Industry insider and reliable CoD leaker Tom Henderson wrote in his article on (Insider-Gaming.com) among other things, that August 1 is scheduled for the official unveiling of the new CoD game.

He also mentioned other key dates related to the beta phase, Early Access campaign and full release:

  • Beta Weekend PlayStation: October 6 – 10
  • Open Beta Weekend: October 12 – 16
  • Early Access Campaign: November 2
  • Full Release: November 10 

Normally, the unveiling of a new CoD title takes place in the spring of the same year, rather than a few months before the actual release. For example, the first announcement of Modern Warfare 2 took place as early as April 2022, which was highlighted by a first trailer in June.

The late announcement could be a sign that there are still some unanswered questions regarding the new title.

Zombie Mode

One issue that doesn’t need any more clarification, however, is the return of the hugely popular Zombie Mode in CoD 2023. Along with the full release on November 10, some form of Zombie Mode is expected to be released as well.

Sources have also revealed that zombies will be added to Call of Duty 2023’s release, but what exactly that means remains to be seen. – (INSIDER-GAMING.COM)

While players still had to do without the popular mode in Modern Warfare 2, fans of the undead calculus can finally get going again in CoD 2023 and send the shuffling brain-eaters into the realm of the dead for good.

Whether it will be a classic turn-based mode or an open-world like in Black Ops Cold War is currently still unclear.

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