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Call of Duty: Warzone – What we know about Season 4

Not long now before we can finally dive into the world of Warzone Season 4 ourselves. But what exactly does this season have in store for us? We have summarised what we know so far.

Following the “Summer Game Fest Kickoff” stream, where all Call of Duty news is presented and shared, we learn more about the exact dates and schedule for the upcoming season. The stream kicks off on Thursday, June 10 at 8pm.

Weapon Balancing

First and foremost, there will be many changes to the current meta and weapon balancing – just like we see every season. “We feel like we’re approaching a balance in balancing where most of the options are at least workable,” Treyarch said in the latest patch notes. This is also how they want to shorten the “Time to Kill” overall, he added. The developer also confirmed that Modern Wafare’s weapons, and not just Cold War’s, will also be reworked and examined more closely.

Operator Leaks

Surely we will also get to see new operator weapons in the new season. Thus, numerous leaks point to three names of the new weapons: Deathstalker, Komodo and Quicksand. Currently, it is not yet known what they look like or what we can expect from them, so we will have to continue to wait and see.

More Black Ops Maps?

A new area where we can look forward to some new additions is the map department. It is very likely that we will welcome another older map from the Black Ops series – A type with new content that has been very well received by the community in the past. Zombies will also most likely get a new map as well to bring a breath of fresh air back into the game mode.

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