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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Call-of-Duty pro sleeps through $400,000 Warzone tournament

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US CoD pro Blazt kept his teammate waiting in vain at the World Series of Warzone.

US Call of Duty pro Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic missed the World Series of Warzone on Wednesday. His teammate Charlie “Mutex” Saouma waited in vain for his duo partner to finally show up. But Blazt slept peacefully while the other contestants fought each other.

Professional player Mutex waited for Blazt and thus faced the rest of the duos alone in the game for the time being. In his stream he stated, “The biggest warzone tournament in the world…I know there’s no way he’s stupid enough to oversleep. I am seriously worried by now”. The resolution to his absence came from Blazt via Twitter on Wednesday night: “Have you ever fallen asleep at midnight and woken up at 3pm without waking up once in between? 15 hours straight, how is that even possible?” As he further explained, he had not set an alarm clock as he usually never sleeps that long.

Some fans defended the 22-year-old, who became a father in July this year. Accordingly, the sleep patterns of new parents can be very irregular. A simple alarm would certainly have helped his teammate. Mutex had subsequently played the remaining games with a substitute player with the nickname Christophertremb. The World Series of Warzone is considered one of the biggest tournaments in Call of Duty history. In the North American duo format played online, a huge prize pool of $400,000 awaited on Wednesday.


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