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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – All info on price, platform, release & more

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After the Reveal-Trailer of Modern Warfare 2 we have a bunch of new information. We summarise everything important for you

Since the reveal of Modern Warfare 2 on June 8, the community has been flooded with information. Whether it’s price, platform or playable beta, we’ll tell you what to expect.

While the Reveal trailer itself didn’t reveal too much about the gameplay, the community was subsequently given some details by Activision.

Price and Release

While Vanguard and older CoD titles still cost 60 € in the standard edition, fans of Ghost, Soap and Co. have to fork out at least €70 for Modern Warfare 2. If you want the game in the Vault Edition, you’ll have to pay as much as €100. On Twitter and Reddit, the CoD community is anything but enthusiastic. Nothing has changed on the original release date of 28 October.


As has since been confirmed, both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 will be released on all major platforms. In addition to the next-gen consoles PS5 and XBox Series X, the game will also be released for PS4, XBox one, and PC. The new CoD title will also be distributed via Steam and not exclusively via Battle.net as before.

Open Beta

Yes, Modern Warfare 2 will get an open beta. Those who buy the game now will receive Early Access access to it and can get started before everyone else. However, a beta date has not yet been set.

New Movement Options

It’s getting wet in Modern Warfare 2. In the new title we can finally swim, which gives us completely new tactical options. With the Dive move, we can throw ourselves on our bellies at lightning speed to drop a smaller target. In the future we will be able to shimmy along ledges, shutters and the like, but it remains to be seen whether takedowns will also be possible.

New multiplayer game mode àla Rainbow Six: Siege

As leaker RalphsValve shared on Twitter, the developers of Modern Warfare 2 have probably copied from Rainbow Six: Siege. The extremely popular attacker vs. defender mode will find its way into the new Call of Duty.

Reworking the Weaponry

The popular Weaponry will be revamped and in addition, players will get the long-awaited Shooting Range, where weapons can be tested in their various configurations. A feature that should also be extremely helpful for Warzone 2.

  • Continues with 10 different attachment slots
  • Simultaneously 5 attachment slots
  • Instead of “extras” there will be “ammunition types” as in Vanguard
  • Weapons will not be levelled individually, but will be earned through a kind of family tree
  • Attachments are unlocked for the entire family tree, not individually for each weapon as before
  • Positive and negative characteristics of essays are to be made more visible
  • There will already be a basic set of essays at level 0


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