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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Call of Duty 2024 now officially announced: It will be called Black Ops 6

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CoD: Black Ops 6 has been officially announced and will be a “gritty new chapter” in the series

UPDATE AT 3:52 pm:

The official CoD channel on X (formerly Twitter) has now announced the next chapter of Call of Duty According to this, the offshoot will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 in 2024 and will open “a dark new chapter in the sub-series”. Here’s the official logo:

Black Ops 6 is being developed by Treyarch, who last developed the fifth installment of the Black Ops series in 2020 with Black Ops: Cold War. The real reveal of Black Ops 6 will follow on June 9 as part of the Xbox Games Showcase. Then we expect the first gameplay


Although no official name for the upcoming CoD has been communicated yet, the game will be called with 99 percent certaintyCall Of Duty: Black Ops 6

How do we know that? Firstly, all previous leaks point to this and secondly, the length of the title fits exactly with a previously blacked-out program entry at the upcoming Xbox showcase next month. A third hint about the title was given yesterday

The truth lies

Some of the channels only show white noise so far, others show short teaser snippets. These show how famous landmarks around the world are decorated with graffiti, including the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and Mount Rushmore in the USA. The recurring message:The truth lies!

What exactly this means is still unclear. The remaining channels will probably be activated in the coming days. A first real trailer for the new CoD including an official announcement is expected for the Xbox showcase on June 9th

CoD free with Game Pass?

Also on this occasion, it will most likely be announced that the new Call of Duty will be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on release day. We reported on Microsoft’s thoughts on this just a few days ago

What else is known about the new CoD?

As far as the content of the game is concerned, there is little solid evidence so far. However, the leaks so far suggest that Black Ops 6will be a sequel to Black Ops Cold Warreleased in 2020. The time frame will presumably be the Iraq War in the 1990s. Fans can therefore look forward to a relatively realistic setting

It is also fairly certain that the new CoDwill feature an open worldfor the first time in the history of the series. In February, the well-connected industry insider Tom Hendersonreported that this would be reminiscent of Far Cry and that you would be served vehicles and a fast travel system.

A leaked keyart for the new Black Ops game is also already circulating online, which seems to be clearly based on the cover image of the first Black Ops. We have included a corresponding tweet here. In this case, too, the Xbox showcase will probably bring proverbial clarity

When will the new Call of Duty be released?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 will probably be released in the last week of October 2024, just in time for the winter Christmas season. If developer Treyarch follows the established release rhythm for CoD games (always on Saturdays), then the presumed release date is 25.10.2024 – our CoD expert Kevin is definitely putting both feet on the fire.

The signs for the new Call of Duty are good. Treyarch has now had almost five full years to work on Black Ops 6. No other Call of Duty has had such a long development time since the first installment. So let’s hope that both the campaign and multiplayer are more convincing in our test than they were in the case of the mixed MW3.

What do you think of Black Ops 6? Are you excited about the new Iraq War setting? What do you think about the open-world approach in a CoD game? Let us know in the comments below

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