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Season 4 of CoD MW3 and Warzone revealed: Roadmap, launch date, new weapons and maps

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The next season in Call of Duty is in the starting blocks with lots of new content – including a sniper that fans have been missing so far

The start date for Season 4 inCall of Duty Modern Warfare 3andWarzonecouldn’t be more fitting. It starts on May 29 at 6:00 p.m.German time, so you can easily play into the holiday on May 30.

As always, there are numerous new maps, modes and much more. The weapon selection is all about the “CoD classics.”

(The complete roadmap for Season 4 in CoD.)
(The complete roadmap for Season 4 in CoD.)

New maps in Season 4

To kick off the season, there are two brand-new 6v6 maps that take you to two capital cities. These will be followed later by another new map in icy mountains and a gruesome Vortex variant of the well-known map “The House”. Both are also designed for twelve players

  • Tokyo
  • Paris
  • Incline
  • The Big

New weapons, equipment and killstreaks in Season 4

A few old acquaintances return with the weapons:

  • Supari 46:At the start of the season, the small-caliber SMG offers firepower against close targets and is still very accurate at medium distances thanks to good recoil control.
  • Kar98k:The popular precision rifle returns at the start of the season. It remains to be seen whether the weapon will once again dominate the sniper action as it did in the early days of Warzone.
  • Reclaimer 18:Behind this name is the equally well-known SPAS-12 shotgun, but it will not be loaded until the middle of the season.
  • Sledgehammer:Like the two previously mentioned weapons, the sledgehammer is no stranger to the CoD arsenal. However, Hammer Time is only available from mid-season.
(With the Kar98k, a classic returns.)
(With the Kar98k, a classic returns.)

The loadout selection also includes two new pieces of equipment and four killstreaks.

  • Mission Control Vest:This vest helps you with your streaks. It reduces the cost by one kill or 125 points and counts as one kill or 125 points for every two assists.
  • Compression Plate:This piece of equipment ensures that your life regeneration starts immediately after a weapon kill or capturing a target without delay.
  • Intelligent Munitions Systems (I.M.S.):A form of mine that automatically detects targets within range and detonates in their direction, hitting people and vehicles alike. (7 kills or 875 points)
  • Loitering Munition:A small drone that fires a missile at the area with the most enemies when activated. Has three charges. (8 kills or 1,000 points)
  • Missile Drone:A larger drone that fires missiles directly controlled by the player. (11 kills or 1,375 points)
  • DNA Bomb:After a currently unknown series of kills, players can detonate a bomb that hits every enemy on the map. Unlike a nuke, however, the match does not end automatically.

    New modes in Season 4

    • Demolition:Two teams take turns attacking and defending two bomb targets. Unlike Search and Destroy, however, there is respawn.
    • Hyper Cranked:In this special variant, you spawn with the self-detonation timer already running, which you can only reset with a kill.
    • Havoc:Classic Team Deathmatch, however, a random modifier is added to the game every twelve kills. Examples are reduced gravity, automatic reload after every kill or every headshot is always a kill.
    • Headshot-Only:In this mode you can only get kills with headshots.

    New features in Zombie mode in Season 4

    For fans of gruesome co-op shooters, things are looking bleak. As of now, there is only one variation of an existing Rift in the middle of the season

    New features of Season 4 in Warzone

    • Newvariants of the Gulag await you.
    • Urzikstan will be given bunkersin the middle of the season, where particularly good loot can be found.
    • The modeBuy Back Royalereturns. Instead of going through the gulag, you can only return to the game if you had enough money with you when you died.
    • A newBuggywith room for three players.
    • TheSpecialists Perkis also available in Urzikstan.
    • In certainLoot Hot Zonesyou will be able to get better loot in Urzikstan.

    You can read all the details again in the official blog post&nbsp

    These were the most important new features and changes for Season 4 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. As usual, there will be detailed patch notes on the adjustments to the existing content for the release.

    Are you looking forward to the return of the Kar98 or are snipers not your thing? Share your opinion on the new season in the comments.


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