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As the master of demons, this sorcerer summons an entire servant army at once with devastating power.

The Demonology Warlock focuses on his Servants as a damage dealer. Alternative damage specializations are the Affliction and Destruction Warlocks.

The most important changes

Curse of Speech, Curse of Weakness, and Curse of Exhaustion are back in your spell repertoire. You learn the new Ritual of Doom ability at level 37, which begins a ritual that sacrifices a random participant to summon a Doomguard.

The ritual requires four additional allies besides yourself. The Doomguard stays for 15 minutes and has a small chance to break free and attack the party. The Eye of Killrog can be attacked by players again and is usable in rated PvP.

WoW Shadowlands Demonology Warlock
Hand of Gul’dan is your main spell, which hurls a demonic meteor at the target.

The former talent Demonic Circle is now an ability. Your Devil’s Guard axe throw not only stuns the target, but can also disrupt them. Devil Mastery allows you to summon your Devil Guard with 5.5 seconds of reduced cast time. Activating Summon Demonic Tyrant now generates five Soul Shards. Your Dread Spinners attack targets faster, and your Imps require 20% less Energy to cast a Devil’s Firebolt.

Many of your talents have been slightly reworked. Dark Pact at level 30 scales with spell power and potentially absorbs more damage. Demonic Consume at level 50 no longer applies to your imps, but to all your demon servants.

How to play the Demonology Warlock

The prioritization of your attributes looks like this for the Demonology Warlock:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Speed
  3. Mastery
  4. Critical hit chance
  5. Versatility
15Bilescourge BombersRips open a portal to the Nether above the target location, from which several plagues of pus sprout over the course of six seconds, slamming into the ground and dealing 297 Shadow damage to all enemies within eight meters.
25Demonic CallingShadow Bolt and Demon Bolt have a 20% chance that your next use of Summon Dread Spire will cost two less Soul Shards and become a spontaneous spell
30Burning RushIncreases your movement speed by 50%, but deals damage equal to 4% of your maximum health every second. Movement restricting effects cannot slow you below 100% of your normal movement speed. Lasts until cancelled
35Soul StrikeCommand your Devil’s Guard to attack your opponent’s soul, dealing 735 Shadow damage.
40Mortal CoilMakes the target flee in horror, incapacitates them for three seconds and heals you for 20% of your maximum health
45Soul ConduitThere is a 15% chance that you will get back a spent soul shard
50Demonic ConsumptionYour demon commander drains 15% of your demon servants’ health to empower himself.
WoW Shadowlands Demonology Warlock
The two spawned scare hawks immediately leap towards our target and attack.

Always call the Pus Plague Bombers when it is available. Also, always use Summon Dread Spire when it is available. When you have four or five Soul Shards, cast Hand of Gul’dan. Cast Demon Lightning when you have two or more stacks of Demonic Core. In priority, you now cast Soul Strike and Hand of Gul’dan with three Soul Shards. Build up more Soul Shards with Shadow Bolt. Always use Summon Demonic Tyrant when available.

However, you must always have Wild Goblin and Dread Stalker available. Against multiple targets, use Implosion after every second or third casting of Hand of Gul’dan.


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