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DingDing, maximum level reached. And now? Now it’s off to the new instances of the expansion, where you can pick up the first basic equipment for the endgame.

Once you have reached the new maximum level of 60 in the Shadowlands, the next step will take you to one of the numerous dungeons of WoW Shadowlands.

A total of eight new instances await you in the Shadowlands, packed with vile creatures and nasty bosses. These guard the valuable equipment that serves as the basic gear for your adventures at the maximum level.

Four instances you will visit during the leveling up to the maximum level: in each of the new zones there is an instance that thematically fits the story of the zone and completes it. At the maximum level, four more instances are then available to you, but you must have a minimum item level of 144 for them.

On normal difficulty, instance bosses leave loot with an item level of 158, while the heroic difficulty is open to you once you reach an average item level of 155. The bosses there will give you rewards of level 170. In mythic mode, which is reserved for organized groups, the rewards increase to item level 183.

Challenge for inexperienced players

Blizzard’s long experience shows in the instances. The dungeons are lovingly designed and offer plenty of variety.

However, you should not underestimate the normal enemies in the instances. They prepare you for the following boss mechanics and can definitely get you into trouble if you proceed carelessly.

Basically, it’s always a good idea to pull enemies out of ground areas and not stand in them yourself. Your opponents often have a frontal attack with area damage. Line up behind them, only the tank should be in front of them.

Look closely at larger groups of enemies. Occasionally there are healers among them. Interrupt damaging spells for them and remove frenzy effects or other buffs on enemies.

Special Hazards

The Necrotic WakeBastion50
Mists of Tirna ScitheArdenweald55
Halls of AtonementRevendreth57
Spires of AscensionBastion60
Sanguine DepthsRevendreth60
De other SideArdenweald60
Theater of PainMaldraxxus60

In the instance “The Mists of Tirna Scithe” you might have trouble finding the second boss. You will get there through a maze. There are always four mists with a symbol there. You have to find the symbol that does not match the others by color, shape or pattern. At this symbol you will pass through the wall of fog. You will also encounter the mechanic in the following boss, the fog caller.

In the instance “Halls of Atonement” you will not find a boss at first. Halkias, the first boss in this instance, will not appear until you completely fill up the energy bar on the top screen by killing certain enemies, the Shards of Halkias.


In the “Necrotic Aisle” you will encounter larger groups of enemies after the first boss. Area damage won’t help here, just kill the Zolramus Necromancer. His companions will disappear as soon as he dies. However, if you are careful, you should not have any problems.



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