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WoW BC Classic: While everyone else is still levelling, the first guild has already played through everything

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Burning Crusade Classic has only been out for a few days – yet there are already players who have already played through all the raids.

On 1 June 2021, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic was released, the first addon for WoW Classic. Most players are currently busy fighting their way through the various regions of Outland, completing dungeons and levelling their character to the new maximum level of 70.

However, there’s already a group of players who have virtually nothing left to do – because the hardcore raid guild Progress has successfully played through all three available raids only two days after the release.

Burning Crusade raids completed in record time

In the early hours of June 3, 2021, the time had come: The European guild from the server Firemaw successfully completed “Karazhan”, a raid that is still extremely popular with many fans, first – and thus secured the so-called “World First”.

Previously, they were the first group to successfully complete “Magtheridon’s Chamber”. In “Gruul’s Lair”, they were preceded by the guild “APES”, who were the first to defeat the Fire Lord Ragnaros in WoW Classic.

At the original release of Burning Crusade in 2007, this took much longer: The professional guild Method needed twelve days for Karazhan, 19 for Gruul and a whole 40 days for Magtheridon.

How does it happen so fast?

If you have just started Burning Crusade Classic, you will most likely be busy leveling up your character.

In order to reach the maximum level of 70 in record time, the players of the hardcore guilds used a few tricks: They started the new expansion with a bulging quest log, so that they had an XP advantage directly after they redeemed the quests.

Afterwards, they relied on so-called dungeon spamming: In groups of five, the guildmates went through the same instances over and over again, in which they pulled all the monsters together and then decimated them with area damage spells.

If you want to reach level 70 quickly without such tricks: In our guide, we show you two strategies that will get you to the maximum level in no time at all.

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